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About the Gambia

On the east coast of Africa, a wide estuary lets the North Atlantic Ocean flow far inland. For 300 kilometres along this long and winding river, the Gambia extends north and south.

With the exception of the west coast, where the Lemon Creek Hotel Resort is located, the country is completely surrounded by Senegal.

The former British Colony and trade station became independent in 1965 and a republic in 1970. The Gambia is the smallest country in continental Africa with a population of 1.7 million people.

English is the primary language – spoken and understood by most Gambians. You might also encounter several tribal languages such as Mandingo, Wolof and Jola. Or a combination of English and local Gambian languages known as 'Gamblish'.

Each tribe has its own traditions and cultural distinctions. The Gambians are a kind people with festive music and dancing traditions, which you are likely to witness yourself.

See the Gambia from above

This drone video from YouTube offers a view of Gambia from above. To experience it from the ground book your stay at our wonderful down-to-earth hotel right on the beach.

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Serekunda is the largest city in the Gambia with approximately 400,000 citizens. It exceeds the capital city of Banjul, which is located on a peninsula with a natural limit to its growth potential. Serekunda is formed of nine villages, which have grown together into a larger urban area.

Lemon Creek Hotel Resort is located on the open west coast just outside of Serekunda and only about half an hour's drive from Banjul International Airport.
Traditional music and dancing in Serekunda

The weather in the Gambia

The Gambia has a sub-tropical climate with average day-time temperatures reaching between 29°C and 34°C throughout the two seasons of the year.

The dry season begins towards the end of October. After that, you will not see any rain until mid/late June. This marks the beginning of the green season. Although the humidity increases, the showers are often short but can be rather heavy. Once the rain stops, the sunshine will soon return to dry you and everything around you.

Average min and max temperatures in Banyul, Gambia

Each season has its charms. But know that the Gambia is a great destination all year round. Especially when staying near the beach where the sea breeze and an ocean swim will keep you cool in the intense heat.
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